15 Proven Strategies to Explode Your YouTube Views in 2024

YouTube has evolved into much more than just a platform for sharing cat videos and silly pranks. Today, it‘s a powerful search engine, a thriving social network, and an unparalleled vehicle for building a brand, growing a business, and making money online. But with over 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, how can you get your videos to stand out and attract views in an increasingly crowded landscape?

The key is to take a strategic, multi-pronged approach that leverages the latest trends and best practices. Simply uploading a video and hoping for the best won‘t cut it anymore. You need to be intentional and savvy in how you create, optimize, and promote your content. Here are 15 proven strategies to explode your YouTube views in 2024 and beyond:

1. Master YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. And since Google owns YouTube, the two platforms‘ algorithms have a lot in common. Treating your YouTube videos like webpages and optimizing them for search is crucial for getting discovered.

This starts with keyword research to find the search terms your target audience is using. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, TubeBuddy, VidIQ and MorningFame can help with this. Identify a primary keyword to target for each video, and include it naturally in the title, description, tags and subtitles/closed captions.

Your title should be compelling and include the keyword towards the beginning. Aim for around 60 characters to avoid truncation in results. The description should flesh out the topic of the video and include the keyword 2-3 times plus variations and related terms. Front-load the most important information, links and calls-to-action in the first few lines.

Tags are another opportunity to surface your videos for relevant searches. Use a mix of specific and broad tags, and scope out the tags your competitors are using for inspiration. Finally, enable subtitles/closed captions, which give YouTube even more context about your video and make it accessible to more viewers.

2. Create Irresistible Thumbnails

Thumbnails are just as important as titles when it comes to grabbing attention and enticing people to click on your videos. Don‘t just settle for a blurry, auto-generated screenshot. Take the time to create eye-catching custom thumbnails using bold images and text.

Faces, emotions, and contrasting colors tend to perform well. Incorporate your video title into the thumbnail image in a large, readable font. Make sure your visual style is consistent across videos so viewers recognize your brand. Use a dimensions of 1280×720, stick to a 16:9 aspect ratio, and keep the file size under 2MB for best results.

3. Hook Viewers in the First 15 Seconds

With attention spans shorter than ever, the first few seconds of your video are make-or-break for audience retention. Hook viewers right away with an intriguing opening that gives them a reason to keep watching.

This could be a quick preview of what‘s to come later in the video, a thought-provoking question, a bold statement, a funny moment, or anything else that‘s hard to resist. Animation, sound effects, music, and jump cuts can all help add interest to your intro. Just make sure it‘s fast-paced and exciting without being too gimmicky or off-putting.

4. Deliver Dynamic, Well-Structured Content

Once you‘ve hooked viewers, you need to keep them engaged all the way through. Avoid long, rambling monologues or overly wordy scenes. Use frequent jump cuts and b-roll footage to add visual interest. Infuse your personality and vary your delivery between rapid-fire and more contemplative moments.

Structure your content in a clear, easy-to-follow way. Use pattern interrupts and storytelling techniques to take viewers on a journey. Make every section compelling and essential, building towards a strong climax and conclusion. Don‘t be afraid to edit ruthlessly and cut any fat.

The pacing and energy of your video should be dictated by the subject matter, your style/brand, and the attention span of your particular audience. Experiment with different lengths, from bite-size to long-form content, and see what resonates most.

5. Add Value and Build Trust

To turn casual viewers into loyal subscribers, you need to consistently deliver value and build trust over time. Don‘t just hawk your products or chase the latest clickbait trends. Find the overlap between what you‘re passionate about and what genuinely helps your target audience.

Teach them something new, inspire them, make them laugh, take them behind the scenes, share your failures and lessons learned. Be authentic and transparent. Admit when you don‘t have all the answers. Stick to a consistent posting schedule to show your reliability and commitment.

People will keep coming back to your channel if they know they can count on you for quality, authoritative content that improves their lives in some way. Once you have their trust, you can more effectively promote your products/services and drive actions like subscribing, visiting your website, or making a purchase.

6. Encourage Engagement

YouTube‘s algorithm prioritizes videos that generate a lot of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. To encourage more of this interaction, prompt viewers to take action throughout the video and in the description box.

Ask open-ended questions to spark discussion in the comments. Run a contest or giveaway that requires people to comment, like, and subscribe to participate. Use community posts, stories, and livestreams to further connect with your audience and solicit their feedback and ideas.

Respond to as many comments as you can, even if it‘s just a quick thank-you or acknowledgment. Make your audience feel heard and appreciated. Create a community around your channel where viewers feel a sense of belonging and ownership.

7. Cross-Promote on Other Platforms

YouTube shouldn‘t exist in a vacuum. To get more reach for your videos, leverage all your other web properties and social networks. Embed videos in relevant blog posts and pages. Share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and anywhere else your audience is active.

Include calls-to-action and links back to your videos in your email newsletters, lead magnets, and marketing materials. Incorporate video into your other content formats like podcasts and live presentations. Make it easy for people to discover and share your YouTube content wherever they happen to be online.

8. Collaborate with Other Creators

Tapping into other people‘s audiences is one of the quickest ways to grow your own following on YouTube. Find channels that reach a similar demographic to yours but aren‘t direct competitors. Reach out to the creator with ideas for collaboration, such as an interview, a joint tutorial, a challenge, or a guest appearance.

Promote the collaboration to your respective audiences to create a cross-pollination effect. You may gain some of their subscribers, and vice versa. Not only does this expand your reach, but it also helps you build relationships with other influential people in your niche.

9. Run a Paid Promotion

While organic strategies should be your main focus, paid promotion can give your videos an extra boost, especially when you‘re first starting out. Use tools like Google Ads and AdWords for Video to target people who are most likely to be interested in your content.

You can also run sponsored product placements or endorsements to get your videos in front of other creators‘ audiences. Just be sure to disclose any paid promotions to stay within YouTube‘s guidelines and maintain transparency with your viewers.

10. Analyze and Adapt

Use YouTube Analytics to gain insights into what‘s working and what‘s not. Track key metrics like watch time, audience retention, traffic sources, demographics, and engagement. See which topics, formats, and promotional strategies are generating the most views and conversions over time.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn‘t. Don‘t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and adjust your approach based on the data. Continuously refine your content strategy to better serve and grow your unique audience.

11. Post at the Right Times

YouTube videos perform best when posted at strategic times. Aim to publish new videos in the early afternoon on weekdays or on weekend mornings. These are peak viewing hours when more people are likely to be browsing their subscription feed and suggested videos.

However, the optimal posting time will depend on your specific audience and their viewing habits. Use YouTube Analytics to see when your viewers are most active on the platform. Schedule your videos to go live during those timeframes for maximum reach.

12. Optimize for Suggested Videos

Suggested videos are one of the top traffic sources on YouTube. These are the related videos that appear on the right-hand sidebar or after a video finishes playing. The key to getting your videos to show up as suggested is to optimize for relevance and similarity.

Use descriptive, keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags so YouTube knows what your video is about. Create playlists around themes or series to keep viewers consuming your content. Engage viewers all the way to the end of a video to improve your chances of appearing as a suggested next watch.

13. Go Live

YouTube heavily promotes live videos, which often receive more views and engagement than regular uploads. Use YouTube Live to stream events, Q&As, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes content. Take advantage of live chat to directly interact with your audience in real time.

Live videos can help you build a stronger connection with your audience and create a sense of community around your channel. They also tend to have a longer shelf life than regular videos, as people can continue to watch the replay long after the live stream ends.

14. Create Shorts

YouTube Shorts is the platform‘s answer to TikTok and Instagram Reels. These are vertical, 60-second videos that are designed for quick, casual viewing on mobile devices. Shorts appear in a dedicated feed on the YouTube app and can help you reach a new audience that prefers bite-sized content.

To create a Short, simply record a vertical video with your phone or use YouTube‘s built-in creation tools to compile clips from your existing content. Use hashtags, themes, and challenges to make your Shorts more discoverable. Keep them snappy, eye-catching, and focused on a single idea or punchline.

15. Stay Consistent but Evolve

Finally, the key to long-term success on YouTube is consistency. Show up regularly for your audience with new videos that deliver on your channel‘s unique value proposition. But don‘t be afraid to evolve over time to avoid becoming stale or irrelevant.

Pay attention to emerging trends, new formats, and changes in your audience‘s preferences. Adapt your content strategy while staying true to your core brand and message. As long as you‘re consistently providing value and building authentic connections, your channel will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

Getting more views on YouTube in 2024 is an ongoing process that requires a holistic, multi-faceted approach. There‘s no magic formula or overnight success. It takes hard work, experimentation, and constant refinement to cut through the noise and build a loyal viewership.

But with these 15 strategies as your guide, you‘ll be well on your way to growing your channel and achieving your goals on the platform this year and beyond. Remember to always put your audience first, stay curious and adaptable, and never stop pushing the boundaries of what‘s possible on YouTube. Here‘s to your meteoric rise to the top!