13 Examples of Super Skimmable Content

In today‘s fast-paced digital landscape, capturing and keeping your audience‘s attention has never been more challenging. With countless distractions and an overwhelming amount of content to consume, most people simply don‘t have the time or patience to thoroughly read every article they come across. In fact, a 2022 report by Contentsquare revealed that 69% of website visitors only skim the content they see.

So how can you encourage visitors to stick around and actually read what you‘ve written? The key is to make your content easily skimmable and digestible. By structuring your posts in a way that allows readers to quickly grasp the main points, you‘ll boost engagement and reduce bounce rates on your site.

Here are some proven strategies for creating skimmable content that keeps readers hooked:

  1. Break up text with headings and subheadings
    Long walls of text are intimidating and hard to follow. By separating your content into short sections with descriptive headings, you allow readers to get the gist of your post at a glance. Tools like Airstory let you easily create and rearrange sections as you write.

  2. Write short paragraphs
    In addition to using headings, keep individual paragraphs concise – no more than 3-4 sentences each. Whitespace between paragraphs helps guide the reader‘s eye down the page.

  3. Use bulleted and numbered lists
    Listicle-style posts tend to get more engagement, as they promise easily digestible information. When you have a collection of related ideas or tips to share, present them in list format so readers can quickly skim through.

  4. Add meaningful visuals
    Visual elements like images, GIFs, videos, and charts make your content more compelling and memorable. Just be sure they add real value as opposed to being purely decorative. Venngage and Canva are great tools for creating custom visuals.

  5. Bold important points
    Draw attention to key ideas by putting them in bold text, block quotes, or callout boxes. This helps the skimming reader pick up on essential takeaways.

  6. Include a clickable table of contents
    For longer posts, add a table of contents (TOC) at the top with jump links to each section. This allows readers to get an overview and easily navigate to the parts they‘re most interested in. Some website builders and blogging tools can auto-generate TOCs for you.

  7. Provide a TLDR summary
    Include a "too long, didn‘t read" synopsis at the beginning or end of your article. A brief summary of your main points satisfies skimmers and entices them to go back and read the full piece.

Now, let‘s take a look at some websites and blogs that masterfully apply these skimmable content techniques:

  1. Axios – Political news site Axios leads the pack with its signature "Smart Brevity" format. Each story starts with a series of quick-hit bullet points and "Why it matters" analysis. Readers can get key facts and implications at a glance, then dive deeper if they choose.

  2. The Hustle – This daily business and tech newsletter uses bold, casual section headlines and fun images to break down its stories into bite-sized chunks. You can get the highlights in a minute, making it a favorite among busy professionals.

  3. Tasty – Recipes are inherently skimmable content, and BuzzFeed‘s Tasty blog capitalizes on this with eye-catching images, short ingredient lists, and easy step-by-step instructions. GIFs and videos showing the cooking process take it to the next level.

  4. WikiHow – The how-to site breaks down complex topics into super skimmable steps, complete with illustrative images. Category and article navigation makes it a breeze to find what you need. The simple format works well for everything from crafts to car repairs.

  5. Zapier – The productivity tool‘s blog deftly uses headings, lists, screenshots, and videos to explain technical concepts. Tips are called out in yellow boxes to grab skimmers‘ attention.

  6. Greatist – Health and wellness site Greatist keeps readers engaged with number-focused headlines, colorful images and GIFs, and easy action items called out in boxes. "Quick Read" labels cater to skimming visitors.

  7. Robinhood Snacks – This 3-minute daily financial news podcast and newsletter embraces the TLDR ethos. Each ultra-skimmable story starts with a witty one-sentence summary before expanding on the details. Readers and listeners get major money news fast.

When you‘re creating content for short attention spans, remember – skimmability is key. Experiment with these best practices and tools to transform your walls of text into compelling, at-a-glance content.

TLDR: Make content easy to scan and digest by using headings, short paragraphs, lists, visuals, bolding, summaries, and TOCs. Look to sites like Axios, The Hustle, and WikiHow for inspiration.