13 Clever Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram This Month

Instagram comments are the new currency of social media success. The more comments your posts receive, the more the algorithm rewards you with reach and exposure, attracting new followers and customers to your brand.

Comments also provide valuable social proof – when scrolling users see a post with dozens or hundreds of comments, they assume it must contain interesting, worthwhile content worth checking out. Just like a packed restaurant or sold-out event, a heavily-commented Instagram post creates FOMO (fear of missing out) and inspires viewers to join the conversation.

So how can you encourage your existing audience to engage more actively with your content? And how do you convert casual viewers into loyal commenters? Try these 13 clever, creative strategies to boost your Instagram comments and overall engagement this month.

1. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Everyone loves the chance to win free stuff. That‘s why contests and giveaways remain one of the most effective tactics for driving massive Instagram engagement, including comments. In fact, accounts that run regular contests grow 70% faster than those that don‘t.

To maximize participation in your contest, make sure the prize is highly relevant and desirable to your target audience. Ask people to enter by commenting on your post and tagging a few friends – this exposes your brand to a wider network of potential followers with each comment.

For an extra engagement boost, turn your contest into a weeklong campaign where participants have to comment on a different post each day. Clothing brand Revolve regularly hosts multi-day giveaways, resulting in hundreds of comments on each post.

Revolve Instagram giveaway

2. Ask Questions and Encourage Debate

One surefire way to get people talking in your comments? Ask an intriguing, open-ended question that invites a range of responses. Give your followers a platform to share their experiences, opinions, and insights on topics related to your niche.

For example, a nutritionist could post a carousel of the top 10 so-called "superfoods" and ask followers which ones deserve the hype versus which are overrated. A beauty brand could share two photos of the same makeup look in different color schemes and ask commenters to vote for their favorite.

Spark friendly debates by posting contrasting viewpoints or controversial statements, but keep the prompts relevant to your industry. Avoid hot-button political or religious issues unless they directly relate to your brand identity.

3. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session

AMAs are a popular format on Reddit, Twitter, and other social platforms where an expert or celebrity invites their audience to ask them anything (within reason) and get candid answers in return. Apply this tactic to your Instagram comment section to drive engagement while showcasing your knowledge and personality.

Pick a theme for each AMA that complements your brand, such as:

  • A financial advisor answering money management questions
  • A fitness coach giving form tips and gym etiquette advice
  • A beauty influencer revealing their skincare secrets and holy grail products

Promote the AMA in advance on your Stories and feed posts, building anticipation and giving followers time to brainstorm their burning questions. During the AMA itself, answer each question in a separate comment for better readability.

4. Post Tutorials and How-To Guides

People come to Instagram for more than just pretty pictures – they also seek out actionable tips and teachable content to improve their lives. Establish your brand as a go-to resource in your industry by regularly posting how-to guides in your niche, from recipes to workout routines to DIY projects.

Break down the instructions into clear, concise steps, using photos or videos to illustrate each part of the process. In the caption, encourage followers to share their own tips or ask any questions they have about implementing your advice.

The more your tutorials help people achieve a desired outcome, the more they‘ll value your expertise and engage with your content. Plus, posting educational content boosts your discoverability in Instagram search, attracting new followers ready to learn – and comment.

5. Create Savable Graphics

Infographics, quote cards, tip sheets, checklists – these visually striking, text-based graphics are irresistible Instagram comment magnets. People love saving and sharing useful information that solves a problem or inspires them to take action.

Design eye-catching graphics packed with valuable takeaways and tag them with a branded hashtag followers can use to find more of your content. Include a strong call-to-action in the caption encouraging people to save the post and tag friends who need to see it.

As your savable content gets bookmarked and re-shared across Instagram, it continues to reach new audiences and drive fresh comments over time, making it the gift that keeps on giving. For example, motivational speaker Marie Forleo has an ongoing series of inspiring quote graphics her followers love saving and discussing in the comments.

Marie Forleo quote graphic

6. Leverage Instagram Stories Stickers

500 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily, and 60% of businesses say they‘ve gained a new follower from posting interactive Stories stickers like polls, questions, and quizzes. Use these engagement-boosting features to drive more comments on your feed posts too:

  • Run a poll asking followers‘ opinions on a topic, then share the results in a feed post and invite people to discuss the findings in the comments
  • Use the question sticker to source ideas for future posts, then create the top-requested content and tag the commenters who inspired it
  • Quiz your audience on facts related to your industry, then explain the answers in detail in a feed post to spark conversation about the topic

Instagram‘s algorithm notices when users consistently interact with your Stories and boosts your feed posts in their main timeline as a result. Active Stories engagement often translates to higher comments and overall interaction on your static posts.

7. Host an Instagram Live Series

Instagram Live usage jumped 70% in the early months of the pandemic as home-bound users craved real-time, unfiltered content. Hosting a weekly or monthly Live series keeps that momentum going while creating a recurring reason for followers to tune in and chat with your brand.

Pick a theme for your Live series that aligns with your content pillars and expertise. Some ideas:

  • A cooking show where you make a different healthy recipe each episode
  • A behind-the-scenes look at your creative process or company culture
  • Interviews with industry experts or influencers your audience admires
  • Live Q&As where you answer burning follower questions on the spot

Assign a team member to reply to comments during the Live so viewers feel heard and included in the conversation. After each episode, post a recap on your feed highlighting the best moments and inviting further discussion in the comments.

8. Collaborate with Other Accounts

Partnering with like-minded creators in your niche exposes your brand to a whole new audience of potential commenters. Identify accounts that share your target demographic but aren‘t direct competitors, then reach out to propose a mutually beneficial collaboration, such as:

  • Co-hosting an Instagram Live or IGTV video
  • Appearing on each other‘s Stories for a day
  • Swapping guest posts on your respective feeds
  • Creating a joint hashtag campaign or contest

Cross-promote the collaboration in advance to generate buzz and give both audiences a reason to tune in. During the partnership content, encourage viewers to follow the other account and join the conversation in the comments.

When done right, collaborations create a win-win scenario: both accounts gain new followers, boost engagement, and inspire more meaningful interactions in the comments. Just be sure to partner with brands that reflect your values and aesthetic to maintain authenticity.

9. Run a Tag-a-Friend Campaign

Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful on Instagram, where people love sharing content that resonates with their personal experience. Tap into that natural inclination by running tag-a-friend campaigns in your feed posts and Stories.

For example, a meme account could post a funny, relatable scenario and tell followers, "tag someone who does this." A fitness brand could share an inspirational before-and-after photo and ask viewers to tag a friend who motivates them to work out.

As your content gets shared in the comments and DMs, it reaches an exponentially wider pool of users who may then follow your account and join the conversation. Just make sure your call-to-action is clear and the content is genuinely worth sharing, not spammy or overly self-promotional.

10. Respond to Every Comment

If you want followers to keep commenting on your posts, you have to hold up your end of the conversation. Commit to responding to every comment, even if it‘s just a quick "thanks!" or an emoji reaction.

When someone leaves a particularly thoughtful or interesting comment, take the time to write a more substantive reply. Ask a follow-up question, share a relevant resource, or offer personalized advice to deepen the interaction and make that follower feel valued.

Fans notice when you consistently engage with your commenters and often comment more frequently as a result. Brands that interact with followers in the comments see a median 2x lift in overall engagement compared to those that remain silent.

11. Use Eye-Catching Visuals

In the endless sea of content vying for attention on Instagram, strong visuals are essential for stopping thumbs and sparking comments. Invest in high-quality photography, videography, and graphic design that reflects your unique brand personality and aesthetic.

Some engagement-boosting visual techniques to try:

  • Vibrant colors and bold typography
  • Close-up shots and macro photography
  • Dynamic poses and angles
  • Creative flat lays and styled vignettes
  • Seamless video transitions and jump cuts
  • Interactive elements like stickers and AR filters

Pair your eye-catching visuals with a strong call-to-action in the caption to encourage viewers to comment, save, or share. Experiment with different visual styles and track your analytics to see which formats generate the most engagement for your brand.

12. Jump on Trending Topics and Challenges

One way to attract a flood of new comments? Join the conversation around a trending topic, hashtag, or challenge on Instagram. By putting your brand‘s unique spin on a popular trend, you expose your content to a wider audience eager to engage.

For example, during the pandemic, many brands participated in the #DontRushChallenge, showcasing before-and-after transformations set to the song "Don‘t Rush" by Young T & Bugsey. The challenge generated millions of views and comments as users shared their own takes on the trend.

To find relevant trends for your brand, regularly check the Explore page and see what hashtags and topics are generating buzz. Act quickly to ride the wave of popularity before the trend fizzles out. Make sure your take is original and adds value to the conversation, not just a cookie-cutter copy of what everyone else is posting.

13. Post Consistently and at the Right Times

Finally, one of the most important factors in driving consistent comments is simply showing up consistently. Commit to a regular posting schedule that keeps your brand top-of-mind and gives followers ample opportunities to engage.

But don‘t just post for the sake of posting – make sure each piece of content has a clear purpose and provides value to your audience, whether that‘s education, entertainment, or inspiration. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to building a loyal, engaged community on Instagram.

Also consider the timing of your posts. Look at your analytics to see when your followers are most active on the app and experiment with posting at different times of day to find your brand‘s engagement sweet spot. Generally, weekday afternoons and evenings tend to be peak hours for Instagram activity.

By showing up consistently with comment-worthy content when your audience is most likely to see it, you create a virtuous cycle of engagement that keeps your brand growing on Instagram.

With these 13 clever strategies, you have everything you need to skyrocket your Instagram comments this month and beyond. Remember, engagement breeds more engagement on this platform, so start implementing these techniques today to reap the rewards of a thriving, interactive community around your brand.

Happy commenting!

Instagram comments infographic