12 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest Idea Pins to Boost Engagement in 2024

Since Pinterest introduced Idea Pins in 2021, this immersive multi-page video format has exploded in popularity as a way for creators and brands to tell engaging stories and share ideas. 3 years later, Idea Pins have become an integral part of many companies‘ Pinterest marketing strategies thanks to their high engagement rates and storytelling potential.

According to Pinterest, Idea Pins see an average of 9x the engagement of standard pins. The number of Idea Pins created daily has increased 10x since launch. For brands, Idea Pins represent a major opportunity to capture attention, demonstrate expertise, and build deeper connections with their Pinterest audience.

So how are savvy brands making the most of this dynamic format in 2024? Here are 12 examples of companies using Pinterest Idea Pins in creative, engaging ways:

1. Sephora‘s Exclusive Tutorials

Beauty retailer Sephora frequently taps its experts and collaborators to create Idea Pin tutorials showing how to achieve various makeup looks. Going beyond just showcasing products, Sephora focuses on education, insider tips, and recreating trendy techniques. Idea Pins allow the brand to provide added value with this exclusive content.

Many of Sephora‘s most popular tutorials feature diverse creators, looks for different occasions, and on-trend styles. The brand promotes its latest product launches, but always in the context of a tutorial so it feels helpful rather than promotional.

2. Food Network‘s Recipe Demos

With Idea Pins, Food Network can go beyond just sharing recipe links to showing mouthwatering video demos. Their Idea Pins feature some of the brand‘s most popular hosts giving an overview of the recipe, demoing key steps, and revealing the delicious final dish.

Food Network makes the recipes easy to follow by adding text call-outs and instructions to each page. They focus on recipes with visual appeal that will stop Pinterest users mid-scroll. The brand also experiments with different lengths and styles, from quick 15-second single-pan recipes to more in-depth multi-page dessert tutorials.

3. REI‘s Adventure Inspiration

Outdoor gear retailer REI uses Idea Pins to inspire people to get outside and be active. Their pins showcase beautiful hiking trails, creative camping setups, and unique ways to enjoy the outdoors. The brand‘s Idea Pins tell immersive stories of adventure to engage their audience‘s sense of wanderlust.

For product-focused Idea Pins, REI demonstrates the gear in action – showing a tent being set up at a campsite or a hiker wearing their latest boots on the trail. The brand also taps into user-generated content, featuring customer photos and stories in their Idea Pins to build social proof and community.

4. Lowe‘s Home Decor Lookbooks

Home improvement chain Lowe‘s has fully embraced Idea Pins as a way to provide decor inspiration and position themselves as a destination for project ideas. Lowe‘s creates curated Idea Pin "lookbooks" showing how to bring different design styles to life.

Each lookbook focuses on a theme like "Eco-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades" or "Cozy Bedroom Refresh." The pins feature shoppable products for each style along with tips to pull the look together. This allows Lowe‘s to showcase a variety of products in an aspirational, story-driven context.

5. Etsy‘s Meet the Maker Series

Etsy built on the success of its earlier Idea Pins by launching a "Meet the Maker" series in 2024. These recurring Idea Pins go behind-the-scenes with some of the platform‘s most talented and unique sellers. Each pin tells the story of how they started their shop and what inspires their creations.

By shining a spotlight on the people behind the products, Etsy reinforces its brand identity as a destination for special, handcrafted goods. The series has the added benefit of cross-promoting sellers and surfacing hidden gems to a wider audience.

6. Warby Parker‘s Virtual Try-On

Eyewear brand Warby Parker found a clever way to provide added value with Idea Pins: virtual try-ons. Their pins allow users to see what different frames would look like on their face using Pinterest‘s AR Try On feature. As users scroll through the Idea Pin, they can tap to virtually try on any pair.

This interactive experience makes it easy for Pinterest users to discover new Warby Parker styles that fit their look. The brand makes the path to purchase seamless by linking directly to the featured frames. It‘s a great example of enhancing Idea Pins with other Pinterest features like AR and product tagging.

7. Conde Nast Traveler‘s Destination Guides

Iconic travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler adapted their popular destination guides into Idea Pin form. Each pin focuses on a single location, highlighting the best places to eat, stay and explore. The pins combine gorgeous travel photography with insider knowledge to inspire vacation planning.

Idea Pins are the perfect way for the brand to provide a snackable version of their in-depth guides. The format allows Conde Nast Traveler to tell an immersive story about each place while still linking out to their website for users who want a deeper dive. It‘s an effective way to extend their brand authority onto a new platform.

8. Squarespace‘s Web Design Tips

Website building platform Squarespace uses Idea Pins to share bite-sized web design and branding tips. Their pins cover everything from choosing the right color palette to writing compelling copy. Each tip is visualized with text overlays and illustrative graphics.

By providing valuable advice, Squarespace positions itself as a trusted resource for anyone looking to build a professional online presence. The brand‘s Idea Pins empower users with the knowledge to make the most of their platform. It‘s a smart way to fight churn and attract new customers at the same time.

9. Crate & Barrel‘s Seasonal Decor Ideas

Rather than just showcasing products, home goods retailer Crate & Barrel uses Idea Pins to provide seasonal decorating ideas and inspiration. Their pins demonstrate creative ways to style different areas of the home for holidays and special occasions.

Crate & Barrel often focuses each Idea Pin on a single room or theme – like an autumnal dining room tablescape or a festive front porch setup. The pins combine shoppable products with decorating tips to help people achieve the look. This content adds value for the Pinterest audience while boosting the brand‘s average order value.

10. IKEA‘s DIY Furniture Hacks

IKEA has long been a destination for affordable, hackable furniture. In 2024, the brand decided to lean into this by sharing Idea Pins of creative IKEA hacks and DIY projects. Each pin demonstrates how to personalize or repurpose an iconic IKEA piece.

The hacks range from simple styling tips to full furniture makeovers. By curating and promoting this user-generated content, IKEA fosters a sense of creative community around the brand. The Idea Pins inspire people to see IKEA products in a new light – and head to the store to pick up supplies for their own project.

11. Vox‘s Explainer Videos

News and explainer site Vox is known for breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand videos and graphics. They‘ve translated this approach into a series of Idea Pins that dive deep on timely issues and big questions.

Some of Vox‘s most popular Idea Pins cover the psychology of procrastination, how 5G networks work, and the environmental impact of NFTs. The pins combine interviews with experts, data visualizations, and engaging visuals to create a highly informative experience. It‘s a great example of adapting long-form content into a bite-sized, mobile-friendly format.

12. Mejuri‘s Interactive Quizzes

Jewelry brand Mejuri found a way to make Idea Pins interactive with shoppable product recommendation quizzes. The multi-page pins ask users a series of questions about their personal style to suggest the perfect piece. As you tap through the quiz, different Mejuri designs pop up based on your answers.

It‘s a playful and personalized way for Mejuri to guide potential customers to the right products for them. The quizzes also help segment the brand‘s Pinterest audience based on different style preferences and jewelry needs. Mejuri can then use these insights to inform their product development and targeting.

Tips for Creating Engaging Idea Pins

Inspired to create your own Idea Pins? Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Focus on storytelling: The most effective Idea Pins take users on a journey, whether you‘re sharing a tutorial, going behind-the-scenes, or diving deep on a topic.

  • Make the first page count: Treat the cover slide of your Idea Pin like a thumbnail by including a strong visual and clear title that encourages people to tap through.

  • Keep it concise: People consume content quickly on mobile, so keep text brief and rely on visuals to do the heavy lifting. Aim to communicate a single idea or tip per page.

  • Design for sound off: 85% of Pinterest videos are viewed with sound off, so make sure your Idea Pin makes sense without audio by using text overlay, captions and clear visuals.

  • Use Pinterest trends as a starting point: Tap into what‘s popular on the platform and put your own spin on it. You can discover trending topics and search terms in Pinterest Trends.

  • Add value, not just promotion: The best Idea Pins offer real utility and inspiration for the Pinterest audience. Focus on teaching, entertaining, or empowering users, not just selling to them.

With a little creativity and experimentation, Idea Pins can become a key part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Use these examples as inspiration to start telling your brand story and engaging your audience in a whole new way.