10 Advertising Agencies You Need to Follow on Twitter in 2024

As an advertising agency in the digital age, building a strong Twitter presence is non-negotiable. Twitter is where you share your best work, demonstrate thought leadership, and connect with clients and talent. But with so many agencies vying for attention on the platform, how do you stand out?

One way is to learn from the agencies that are crushing it on Twitter. These are the shops posting eye-catching work, starting important conversations, and providing real value to their followers. They‘ve mastered the art of using Twitter to boost their brand and business.

So who are these Twitter all-stars? After scouring the Twitterverse and evaluating key metrics, we‘ve compiled a list of the 10 advertising agencies you need to be following in 2024. For each one, we‘ll dive into what sets their Twitter game apart and what you can learn from their success.


To determine this list, we evaluated agencies across key Twitter performance indicators like:

  • Follower count
  • Average engagement rate (likes, replies, retweets)
  • Post frequency and consistency
  • Quality of content shared (inspirational, educational, entertaining)
  • Strength of brand voice and personality
  • Interaction with followers and community

We also considered factors like the agency‘s size, reputation, and influence in the advertising world. The final list represents a diverse mix of global networks and independent shops that are setting the standard for agencies on Twitter.

1. Ogilvy (@Ogilvy)

  • Followers: 585.6K
  • Avg. Engagement Rate: 0.081%
  • What Makes Them Stand Out: Thought leadership, creative inspiration, global perspective

As one of the largest and most respected agencies in the world, Ogilvy has a lot to live up to on Twitter. Luckily, they more than deliver with a feed full of incredible creative work, insightful industry commentary, and a window into agency life and culture.

Some of Ogilvy‘s tweet techniques that are worth adopting:

  • Sharing knowledge. Ogilvy uses Twitter as a platform to educate and inspire. Their feed is full of thought-provoking articles, interviews with creative leaders, and discussions on the future of advertising.

  • Showcasing global work. With offices in 132 countries, Ogilvy has no shortage of brilliant campaigns to highlight. They do a great job featuring top work from around the network, offering a diverse and global perspective.

  • Celebrating their people. Ogilvy consistently spotlights employees and puts faces to the talent behind the agency. This human element helps followers connect with the brand on a personal level.

A great example of Ogilvy‘s Twitter presence in action:

We believe in the power of creativity to transform businesses, brands and the world. But don‘t take it from us, take it from our Global CCO @ThamKhaiMeng. Check out his inspiring conversation with @TheDrum. [Link]

Ogilvy is a must-follow for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the advertising world. Their Twitter presence is a constant source of creativity and inspiration.

2. R/GA (@RGA)

  • Followers: 170.9K
  • Avg. Engagement Rate: 0.075%
  • What Makes Them Stand Out: Innovation, thought leadership, conversational

R/GA has earned a reputation as an agency that‘s always on the cutting-edge, and their Twitter presence is no exception. They use the platform to share insights on the latest tech, trends, and innovations shaping the industry.

Some of R/GA‘s standout Twitter strategies:

  • Conversational tone. Reading R/GA‘s tweets feels like chatting with a super smart friend. They write in a relatable, human way and aren‘t afraid to inject some humor and personality.

  • Tapping into trends. R/GA stays on top of what‘s trending, from AI to Web3 to the metaverse. They contribute unique and authoritative perspectives that position them as true experts.

  • Sharing their own content. The agency consistently links to their own articles, interviews, and case studies, driving traffic back to their site while providing value to followers.

One of R/GA‘s top tweets showcases their Twitter savvy:

The metaverse isn‘t coming—it‘s already here. Our SVP Global Head of Innovation @NicolasChidiac shares where it is now and what‘s next for this game-changing tech with @Adweek. Get the insights here: [Link]

If you want to geek out over the latest industry innovations, R/GA‘s Twitter feed is the place to be. They are adept at breaking down complex topics and starting fascinating conversations.

3. Wieden+Kennedy (@WiedenKennedy)

  • Followers: 444.6K
  • Avg. Engagement Rate: 0.152%
  • What Makes Them Stand Out: Creative excellence, authentic voice, storytelling

Wieden+Kennedy is responsible for some of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time (Nike‘s "Just Do It," anyone?). On Twitter, they continue to flex their creative muscles while offering a peek behind the curtain of the agency.

What makes W+K‘s Twitter presence so strong:

  • Stunning campaign visuals. Each new campaign W+K shares on Twitter is a mini art exhibit. The videos and images are so striking that you can‘t help but stop scrolling and engage.

  • Keeping it real. W+K is a highly awarded agency, but you‘d never know it from their extremely humble Twitter presence. They let their work speak for itself and come off as down-to-earth and authentic.

  • Killer copywriting. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, W+K‘s Twitter copy is worth 1,000,000. Every tweet is clever, concise, and memorable – no easy feat within Twitter‘s character limits.

One of W+K‘s most popular recent tweets shows their mastery of visual storytelling:

They said a picture is worth a thousand words. We took that personally. Introducing the new @AnthropologiePR campaign, with mesmerizing visuals that need no caption. Step into the story: [Link]

W+K‘s Twitter feels like a backstage pass to one of the coolest agencies in the business. Follow along for a steady stream of creative genius and inspiration.

What These Agencies Get Right on Twitter

While each agency has its own unique strategies and priorities for Twitter, there are some common themes and best practices that emerge. Here‘s what these top agencies get right on the platform:

1. Showcasing Their Best Work

For agencies, Twitter is prime real estate for showcasing your latest and greatest creative campaigns. Top agencies like W+K, McCann, and Droga5 all use stunning visuals and compelling videos to make their work shine on the feed.

2. Driving Thought Leadership

Many of the agencies on this list are positioning themselves as true authorities and experts through Twitter. By sharing articles, insights, and perspectives on the latest industry topics, they build trust with their audience and keep their agency top of mind.

3. Lifting Up Their People

Smart agencies know that the talent is the secret sauce behind great work. Several agencies on this list, like Ogilvy, FCB, and 360i, make a point to spotlight team members and put faces to the creativity. It‘s a simple but powerful way to humanize the agency brand.

4. Having a Distinct Brand Voice

In the crowded Twitter feed, having a unique and recognizable brand voice is key. The agencies that stand out have a strong sense of who they are and let that personality come through in their tweets, whether that‘s R/GA‘s wit or W+K‘s humble confidence.

5. Engaging With the Community

Twitter is a two-way street. Top agencies like BBDO and Huge don‘t just broadcast their own content, but make a point to interact with their community. They reply to questions, jump in on conversations, and amplify other great work to foster real connections.

How Your Agency Can Win at Twitter

Ready to take your agency‘s Twitter presence to the next level? Here are some tips and action items based on what the pros are doing:

  1. Make your work the star.
    Choose your absolute best, most impactful campaigns to feature on Twitter. Use eye-catching visuals and videos to bring that work to life. Don‘t be afraid to go behind the scenes and share your process as well.

  2. Provide true value with your content.
    It can‘t be all self-promotion, all the time. Share articles, insights, and ideas that are genuinely interesting and useful for your audience. Strive to be a resource that people want to follow and engage with.

  3. Craft a clear brand voice.
    Think about your agency‘s unique personality and perspective. What makes you different? Lean into that in your copywriting, visuals, and interactions. Consistency is key for building a recognizable brand.

  4. Designate a dedicated social pro.
    Many of the agencies on this list have a talented social media manager (or team) at the helm of their presence. Find someone who can own your Twitter strategy and bring a human voice to the account.

  5. Engage, engage, engage.
    Twitter is all about the conversation. Follow other accounts, reply to tweets, join in on trending topics. The more you interact with the community, the more your own presence will grow.

The bar for agencies on Twitter is high, but the opportunity is massive. With a focused strategy, amazing creative content, and real interactions, you can build a presence that drives real business results. Get inspired by the agencies on this list, but don‘t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.


Agency Name Twitter Handle Follower Count Avg. Engagement Rate
Ogilvy @Ogilvy 585.6K 0.081%
R/GA @RGA 170.9K 0.075%
Wieden+Kennedy @WiedenKennedy 444.6K 0.152%
McCann @McCann_WW 167K 0.085%
Droga5 @droga5 152.9K 0.098%
BBDO Worldwide @bbdoworldwide 209.3K 0.077%
FCB @FCBglobal 91.7K 0.056%
360i @360i 41K 0.048%
Huge @hugeinc 34.5K 0.081%
Deutsch @deutschinc 42K 0.065%

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