15 Best Instagram-Like Apps You Can Trust in 2022 [Free and Safe]

Best Instagram Like Apps

Have you always wanted to get more likes on Instagram but don’t know how to go about it? This article will guide you through the top best apps to get likes on Instagram.

Gaining likes on Instagram is just as important as buying followers. When your Instagram post generates more likes, your account is likely to experience more and more engagement. While there are many Instagram growth tools and services to buy likes, there are applications you can use as well to generate likes for your stories and posts. This eventually saves you time and energy that you would have geared towards interacting with others just to have much engagement on your content.

What is fascinating about these Instagram applications for gaining likes is that they don’t face a higher risk of Instagram banning your account. This cannot be said of buying Instagram followers from some Instagram growth tools or services.

You can find these apps on Google Play Store or App Stores for easy download. I have used a couple of these apps, and I believe they will serve your need for Instagram likes. So, I am going to share them with you in this post.

Top Best Apps to Get Likes On Instagram

1. Magic Liker for Like Tags

Magic Liker for Like Tags on apk

Magic Like for Like Tags makes the number one on my list for its simplicity and ease of use. This Instagram app for gaining likes is useful for gaining exposure to followers over Instagram. You can also use it to search various popular tags and captions simultaneously. With this, you can easily find popular tags on Instagram for your post without stress. The app also enables you to search for engaging content on Instagram.

2. Magic Likes Meter

Magic Likes Meter on Softonic

Magic Likes Meter is a popular and one of the most used Instagram likes apps among social media managers or influencers. I like this app because it can also help you monitor your Instagram analytics. With this application for Instagram likes, you can have a range of metrics needed to gain a thorough look at your Instagram account’s progress.

Another of its features that no one can ignore is its consistent notification of every new follower you get on Instagram. Similarly, it also notifies you if anybody unfollows you. Quite an amazing app!

3. EasyTags—Likes on Instagram

EasyTags—Likes on Instagram

There is so much to say about EasyTags—Likes on Instagram. What sets this app apart is its uniqueness in being able to create tag groups for use on Instagram posts to get better outreach through reactions, followers, reposts, and likes.

When it comes to generating popular hashtags for use on your Instagram posts, EasyTags—Likes on Instagram has got you covered. We all know how relevant and important hashtags are to generating engagement and gaining more outreach. With this application, you don’t have to rack your brain over generating hashtags.

4. StarLiker

StarLiker on apk

StarLiker has so many advantages when it comes to getting more and more likes for your Instagram posts. With StarLiker, you will gain popularity and exposure for your Instagram posts without stress. What I like about this app that often prompts me to use it is that it helps me generate tons of Instagram hashtags instead of racking my brain over one. Not only that, it has photo filters to give your Instagram photos and beautified outlook.

With StarLiker, you can easily get the attention of your followers using its suggested tags and photo editing effects.

5. Turbo Like for Instagram

Turbo Like for Instagram

Turbo Like for Instagram is an android app for gaining tons of likes on Instagram. The simplicity that comes with the app is what beats my imagination. If you need thousands of Instagram likes in little or no time, Turbo Like for Instagram is your sure bet.

6. Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes on apk

As its name suggests, if you need Instagram likes quick and fast for your Instagram posts or stories, Get Instant Likes is there for you. You can gather tons of views, comments, and likes for your Instagram posts with this app. What distinguishes this app from its competitors is the fact that you can use it to boost the number of your Instagram followers.

Gaining exposure on Instagram is not an easy job. However, with this application, you can garner top trending hashtags that can be used on your Instagram post to generate more exposure and engagement.

Get Instant Likes’ hashtag cuts across various categories like fitness, fashion, food, holidays, and popularity.

7. Likes Plus

Likes Plus on apk

Likes Plus is another unique app for gaining likes on Instagram. It gives your posts the exposure they need to gain more engagements. You can always count on it whenever you need likes for your Instagram posts. However, the only downside about this app is that it can take a while to load. Outside this, it’s a nice app for Instagram likes.

8. IstLike

IstLike on apk

Do you need an app to generate more likes and followers for your Instagram post? Then you can count on IstLike. The app has a promotional section that involves followers, likes, and bonuses. You can garner likes for your Instagram post by leveraging the like section of this app. On the other hand, the follower segment entails more followers and exposure for your Instagram account.

9. Grow Social

Grow Social on apk

This app is unique and offers many features every Instagrammer will love for their Instagram account. Outside the auto likes many Instagram like apps generate for your posts, Grow Social adds a little spice. With Grow Social, you can program specific profiles you want to follow.

I am crazed by this app because it enables me to schedule my stories and posts through its calendar. The app also grants you the leverage to send auto messages to new followers. This improves your level of response to every new follower who messages your account.

10. Like4Like

Like4Like on play store

Like4Like is one of the most direct Instagram apps for gaining likes. The app functions in a way that it aggregates individuals and has them engage their posts through likes. With this app, the more you like others’ posts, the more likes your posts generate in return. It’s your choice whether you want to manually like each post or let the app do the work for you.

11. Likulator

Likulator on apk

This Likulator app differs from others we have talked about so far. The process of gaining Instagram likes from this app works in the form of a gaming experience. This means that you watch ads and like others’ Instagram posts to get more coins. In return, you can use the coins you have earned to gain followers and likes. There is also the feature of hashtags to gain more popularity and outreach for your account.

What you must know about Likulator is that it requires patience because you’ve to earn a high amount of coins before you can exchange them for likes and followers.

12. Likes Hash

Likes Hash on play store

This is one of the easiest and straightforward applications to get Instagram likes. To begin using this app, you will have to first log in and choose from a selection of different topics. You will have to choose the hashtag you like from the list of the topics available. The app is built in a way that you’ve to watch some ads before you can get tons of likes.

Likes Hash has some positive reviews that indicate that it does exactly what it says. You can try out the app to see if it works for you.

13. LikeBooster

LikeBooster on play store

LikeBooster is one of my favorite apps for gaining likes on Instagram. This unique application uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze your photos. After this, it brings up a list of suggested hashtags that it feels suits your post. This works differently from other apps we have talked about so far. With this feature, you will experience an improvement in the quality of your post. This, in turn, increases your level of engagement.

This app doesn’t offer a paid plan. It has a free version that satisfies all your needs. It has an appealing and user-friendly interface, well-designed for ease of use.

14. PowerLikes

PowerLikes on apk

If you want a ‘powerful’ Instagram application to gain more likes, PowerLikes is there for you. The app helps you manage your account. This, in turn, boost your list of followers and likes. Another feature this app boasts of is analyzing your profile and afterward bringing up a list of suggested hashtags. With PowerLikes, you can edit your videos and photos using its inbuilt editor feature.

PowerLikes is perfect for you if your brand is just starting up. You can use its recommended hashtags to boost your brand engagement on Instagram.

15. HikeTop

HikeTop on play store

HikeTop, like the other applications on this list that help you gain Instagram likes for your posts, provides you with appropriate hashtags and captions for your posts in an effort to help them gain more popularity and outreach. HikeTop has many features that can make your profile look more like an influencer’s.

This application is updated more frequently than most apps. This is geared toward ensuring you are better served with the best quality.


1. How do I know the best application to gain likes for my Instagram posts?

There are many applications you can use to get likes on Instagram. However, not all are trusted, most especially with your information or personal details. However, you can try a couple of apps like Magic Liker for Like Tags, Magic Likes Meter, StarLiker, or Easy Tags. They are nice applications with adequate security.

2. Can I improve my Instagram engagement with likes?

Yes, Instagram like is just as important as views and comments. Having more likes on your Instagram posts will definitely improve your engagement level outreach.

3. Is buying Instagram likes safe?

Yes, it is safe to buy Instagram likes. However, you must not overdo it or get caught by Instagram; else, your account stands the risk of being banned.


With this article, I hope you’re better equipped with the necessary information about the best app to gain likes for your Instagram posts. The applications I have listed in this article are what works for me.

I have been using them for a long time now, and I can vouch for every single of them to serve you better. You can try anyone from the list and see how it works for you.