20 Best Instagram Bot to Automate Your Follower Growth

20 Best Instagram Bot to Automate Your Follower Growth

Have you been looking for the best bots to aid and make your activities easy on Instagram? No worries. We have curated here some of the best and well-known Instagram Bots just for you.

Instagram Bots are digital applications or services that automatically take charge of your engagements on Instagram. The capacities of Instagram bots range from liking posts, following personalities, creating and sending messages and also help increase reach and followers.

It can be tasking to keep up with your engagements on Instagram regularly. These Bots make it easy for you to manage your time by doing the greater chunk of your work. This way, you can have ample time to focus on other things.

Now, let us look at some of the top Instagram bots available for users.

Top 20 Instagram Bots You Can Use

1. Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister automatically enhances your Instagram activities. One edge Media Mister has over some other bots is that it can manage your engagements across other interactive platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. Thus, if getting just that one bot that can manage most or all your social media engagements are your goal, then Media Mister should be your answer.

2. SocialMeep


Usually regarded as one of the best Instagram bots out there, SocialMeep is known for its authentic and unique manner of helping you grow your Instagram account. SocialMeep does not burden itself with posting, following, unfollowing, or commenting on posts. Instead, they focus on helping you tailor your account to the specific niche you want, such as fitness, fashion, food, and so on.

SocialMeep put you out there to make you more visible to other users and provoke interactions with such like minds, thereby helping you grow. Using SocialMeep ensures you don’t run into trouble with Instagram that can warrant your account being blocked or disabled.

3. Followersup


Followersup is just like MediaMister in terms of efficiency at what they have on offer. They are also growth and engagement-inclined service tool that can help synch your other social media accounts. Having one service tool across several platforms helps make interactions smoother. Keeping tabs on your accounts will be easier than having several service tools. In this regard, Followersup is a wise choice.

4. Nitreo


The quality of your posts is one thing that can endear you to a lot of people. This can help you gain growth and bring unprecedented opportunities your way. This is one of the strategies that business owners use on social media today. Good content is very attractive and draws in other individuals.

Nitreo is one bot that helps add pep to your content and bring in more engagements. It detects new content without much difficulty and engages with it. Its features are safe and credible to employ.

5. FollowingLike


One good option for those who operate several accounts on social media is FollowingLike. This makes it easy to align your interests across your accounts. FollowingLike is more suitable for large businesses. Micro establishments may find it too costly to maintain.

6. Jarvee

Jarvee Instagram bot

Jarvee is more suitable if you are using a computer or laptop. Jarvee works in such a way that it learns your regular social habits and uses them to make suitable interactions. One wonderful thing about Jarvee is that it can help you accomplish tasks ten times faster than you can. This is one of the attributes that sets it apart from many others.

7. Combin


If you are looking for a very effective automated tool that can help you plan and market, Combin should be your answer. Interactions with users, progress tracking, and strategy review and adaptation are some things that Combin helps you achieve. Their prowess lies in their ability to streamline strategic posts and making the most of them bring about growth.

8. Social Captain

Social Captain

This automated Instagram tool does not foster the use of accounts to bring about likes and followers. One advantage of using Social Captain is that their Instagram engagements are more real and human-like. Some bots don’t give you that human touch needed to remove any suspicion during interactions. This is where Social Captain excels. They help to build credible relationships with individuals that are vital for your growth.

9. Social Follow

Social Follow

Social Follow is suitable for those who are novices on how Instagram growth works. It is also good if you don’t have enough funds to dole out on such services. Social Follow is more of a safety net for those that are risk-averse as it affords a user to sign up freely and see how automation occurs. If you feel it can aid the growth of your account or business, in the long run, paid subscriptions are available for you to opt-in and have an advanced taste of what it has on offer.

10. Social Buddy

Social Buddy

If you are looking for that service tool that understands the equilibrium between the realness of interactions against programmed ones, Social Buddy is your answer. It helps in bringing your ideas closer to your followers, which fosters engagements. This helps you in achieving growth.

11. Social Viral

Social Viral

Social Viral is good for those who are not looking to spend much on such Instagram service tools. Some of its abilities include multiplying your followers, reach, likes, and overall engagements. Its genuineness, affordability, and adeptness position it on a higher pedestal when compared to other Instagram bots. Social Viral gives you the essential ingredients for your social growth.

12. StormLikes


When choosing an Instagram bot, speed is an essential quality that one must consider. This is one of the reasons why StormLikes is highly recommended. It is fast in coming up with an astonishing amount of likes and viewership.

One other advantage is that if you are keen on concentrating on a particular activity, say, viewership or following, StormLikes is ready to serve that particular purpose. And all of its interactions are from genuine sources, which take away any fear of running into trouble with Instagram.

13. Inflact


Another speed-inclined Instagram service tool is Inflact. It was formerly known as Ingramer. Having a good deal of followership within a short duration is Inflact’s specialty. Some of its other services include providing credible message templates, planning posts, generating comments, likes, and many more. It is an all-inclusive bot that fosters growth with much ease.

14. Upleap


Although quite complex in its methodology, Upleap is an efficient service tool that uses human-defined strategies to help you realize multi-layered goals. It helps you broaden your reach by exposing your content and ideas to genuine users.

Also, your profile is exposed to search engines to enable your growth as more people are likely to encounter you and whatever you have on offer. One other advantage is that Upleap affords you three days of use at no cost. If you are impressed, you can then opt-in for a paid subscription.

15. Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Genuine growth is vital to Stellation Media’s Popularity. One of its main features is the Mass Story Engager. Its duty is to help recognize specific accounts and their likely reactions to ideas. This is essential for it to help you generate automatic messages, viewership, likes, and many more. It is possible to adjust its activities to match your preferences as you so wish.

16. Kenji


One of the automated service tools that also focus on helping you build genuine growth is Kenji. Kenji’s advantage over some bots is its flexibility, as it can work proficiently across different devices. Also, it provides clients with an attractive funds return within 14 days of use. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the services they offer, you can quickly demand your money, and your subscription will be automatically canceled.

17. Buzzoid


If you have funds limitations, Buzzoid is a cost-effective bot you can hop on. Buzzoid prevents you from coming under Instagram fire by spreading automatically generated comments and likes so that equilibrium is achieved. Its customer service response is one of a kind. This makes Buzzoid one of the most user-friendly Instagram service automation tools available out there.

18. SimplyGram


Do you want about 5000 new followers per month? Can you achieve that on your own? The answer is no. And you may think that it is a spectacular landmark too impossible to achieve. However, that is exactly what SimplyGram says it can offer Instagram users.

And this is achieved genuinely without any spam. This may sound doubtful to Instagram users who don’t know how genuine automation works, but SimplyGram is merely walking its talk with what we have seen.

They can help you recognize competitors and afford you essential tools to place you and your brand up there. Also, they offer a free trial which can help you determine whether the service tool is exactly what you need for your Instagram growth.

19. Insta Promoter

Insta Promoter

If you are looking for Instagram growth in little time, Insta Promoter is a good choice for you. According to them, speed sets them apart from every other service tool available. It helps in generating genuine likes and followers. It provides you with feedback that can help foster the growth of your account or brand.

20. Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social

Some of Treefrog Social’s clients include big names like Sony Music, the National Football League, and MTV. This wealthy lineup speaks volumes about Treefrog Social’s credibility as an Instagram service tool.

Genuine growth like no other is what Treefrog Social promises to provide users. Thus, if you are concerned with growing your audience, getting numerous likes, and overall engagement, Treefrog Social is one efficient service tool to consider.


What can I use Instagram bots to do?

Instagram bots can be used for a lot of activities. You can use them to like images, send messages, make comments, as well as follow a new profile.

Is it legal to use Instagram bots?

Using Instagram bots is legal. This is possible as long as they don’t violate Instagram’s policy. However, your bot can get flagged and shut down when it engages in activities like gaining fake followers, making comments and liking posts.


To grow your brand on Instagram, bots are essential to help you achieve such a goal and many others. They help you generate likes, followers, views and put your ideas out there to help you attract a larger audience. Most of these service tools use genuine strategies that ensure that you do not violate Instagram’s laws and terms of use which may lead to the blocking of accounts.

However, there are malicious bots. These bots steal vital information and also affect user accounts with viruses. Thus, one must be careful when choosing service tools. Instagram’s increased security has also helped in recognizing and eliminating some of these bad bots, thereby minimizing risks.

This article has further touched on the many credible Instagram bots that are available to users out there. Some include Treefrog Social, Stellation Media, Upleap, Buzzoid, SocialMeep, and Media Mister.