Unveiling the Maker of Kirkland Signature Champagne: A Deep Dive into Manuel Janisson

When it comes to celebrating life‘s special moments, few beverages can rival the elegance and festivity of champagne. For Costco shoppers, the Kirkland Signature Champagne has become a go-to choice, offering a balance of quality and affordability. But have you ever wondered who is behind this beloved bubbly? In this article, we‘ll take a closer look at the maker of Kirkland Signature Champagne and explore the fascinating story that brought this sparkling wine to your glass.

The Kirkland Signature Brand: A Masterclass in Outsourcing

Before we delve into the specifics of Kirkland Signature Champagne, it‘s essential to understand the brand‘s unique business model. Kirkland Signature is Costco‘s private label, known for providing high-quality products at competitive prices. However, Costco does not manufacture these items itself. Instead, the company partners with established brands and manufacturers to create exclusive products for the Kirkland Signature line.

This outsourcing strategy allows Costco to leverage the expertise and resources of industry leaders while maintaining control over quality standards and pricing. As a result, Kirkland Signature products often rival or even surpass the quality of their name-brand counterparts, all while offering significant savings to consumers.

The Mastermind Behind Kirkland Signature Champagne: Manuel Janisson

So, who is the mastermind behind Kirkland Signature Champagne? The answer lies with Manuel Janisson, a company based in Virginia with vineyards in California. Manuel Janisson is responsible for crafting this beloved bubbly, bringing a touch of French expertise to American soil.

The story of Manuel Janisson begins with its namesake founder and his partner, Claude Thibaut. Both men hail from France and share a passion for winemaking. Manuel Janisson and Claude Thibaut started their respective journeys in the world of wine in their homeland, eventually crossing paths and deciding to collaborate.

In a bold move, Manuel Janisson set his sights on California, recognizing the potential for producing exceptional sparkling wines in the region. Together with Claude Thibaut, they introduced their own brand of champagne to the United States, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their winemaking careers.

From France to the United States: The Journey of Kirkland Signature Champagne

While the roots of Kirkland Signature Champagne can be traced back to France, the wine itself is no longer produced in its country of origin. Instead, Manuel Janisson has established its production facilities in Virginia and sources its grapes from vineyards in California.

This decision to produce the champagne in the United States has several advantages. First, it allows Manuel Janisson to have greater control over the production process and ensure consistency in quality. Second, by sourcing grapes from California, the company can take advantage of the state‘s ideal growing conditions and diverse terroir.

However, producing champagne in the United States also comes with a significant benefit for consumers: affordability. If Kirkland Signature Champagne were produced in France, the costs associated with importing and distribution would likely result in a higher price point. By crafting the wine on American soil, Manuel Janisson and Costco can offer a more accessible option without compromising on quality.

Kirkland Signature Champagne: A Taste of Luxury at a Fraction of the Price

So, how does Kirkland Signature Champagne stack up against other well-known brands? While it may not boast the same prestige as some of the most exclusive champagnes in the world, Kirkland Signature Champagne has earned a reputation for delivering an impressive balance of taste, quality, and value.

In blind tastings, Kirkland Signature Champagne has held its own against more expensive competitors, often surprising experienced palates with its complexity and finesse. The wine offers a harmonious blend of crisp acidity, subtle fruit notes, and a delicate mousse, creating a delightful sensory experience.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of Kirkland Signature Champagne is its price point. At a fraction of the cost of many premium champagnes, this sparkling wine allows a broader range of consumers to enjoy the luxury and celebration associated with champagne without breaking the bank.

Where to Find Kirkland Signature Champagne: Costco and Beyond

For those eager to experience Kirkland Signature Champagne for themselves, Costco is the primary destination. The champagne can be found in the liquor section of most Costco warehouses, alongside an array of other Kirkland Signature alcohol offerings.

However, it‘s important to note that purchasing alcohol at Costco often requires a membership. While this may seem like an obstacle for some, there are exceptions to this rule. In several states across the United States, laws prohibit stores from selling liquor under a membership program. As a result, Costco locations in these states must allow non-members to purchase alcohol.

Some of the states that permit alcohol purchases at Costco without a membership include:

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Connecticut
  4. Delaware
  5. Hawaii
  6. Indiana
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Michigan
  9. Minnesota
  10. New York
  11. Texas
  12. Vermont

For those who live in states where a membership is required, there are still ways to acquire Kirkland Signature Champagne. One option is to visit Costco with a friend or family member who holds a membership. Alternatively, Costco gift cards, known as Costco Cash Cards, can be used to shop at the store without a membership.

The Future of Kirkland Signature Champagne

As Kirkland Signature Champagne continues to gain popularity among Costco shoppers and wine enthusiasts alike, it‘s natural to wonder about the future of this beloved bubbly. Will Manuel Janisson and Costco continue their partnership, or will the brand explore new collaborations?

One thing is certain: the success of Kirkland Signature Champagne has demonstrated the potential for high-quality, affordable champagne produced in the United States. As consumers become increasingly savvy and demand better value for their money, it‘s likely that we‘ll see more private label partnerships and domestic champagne production in the years to come.

For now, Kirkland Signature Champagne remains a staple in the Costco alcohol lineup, offering a taste of luxury and celebration at a price that‘s hard to beat. Whether you‘re raising a glass to a special occasion or simply enjoying a quiet moment of indulgence, this champagne is sure to delight and impress.


The story of Kirkland Signature Champagne is one of partnership, innovation, and accessibility. By collaborating with Manuel Janisson, a company with deep roots in French winemaking expertise, Costco has brought an exceptional sparkling wine to the masses, allowing more people to experience the joy and sophistication of champagne.

As you savor your next glass of Kirkland Signature Champagne, take a moment to appreciate the journey that brought this wine to your table. From the vineyards of California to the production facilities in Virginia, and finally to the shelves of your local Costco, this champagne embodies the spirit of craftsmanship, quality, and value that defines the Kirkland Signature brand.

So, raise a toast to Manuel Janisson, Costco, and the hardworking individuals who dedicate themselves to creating memorable experiences, one bubble at a time. Cheers!