The Savvy Shopper‘s Guide to Amazon Pickup and Delivery for Large Items

As a passionate online deal hunter and veteran retail employee, I‘ve witnessed first-hand the explosive growth in e-commerce over the past decade. With the click of a button, you can now order anything from paper towels to patio furniture and have it arrive at your doorstep in two days flat. Talk about instant gratification!

But as a self-proclaimed "picky consumer," I‘m always looking for ways to maximize convenience and minimize hassle when it comes to receiving my online purchases. That‘s why I‘ve become a master of Amazon‘s various delivery and pickup options, which have expanded significantly in recent years to keep up with skyrocketing demand.

However, I‘ve noticed that many shoppers still aren‘t aware of the key differences between Amazon‘s delivery and retrieval choices, especially when it comes to large and bulky items. Since hauling your new recliner or gas grill home from the store yourself isn‘t always practical (or possible), it‘s essential to understand how Amazon can get oversized orders to you without the heavy lifting on your end.

So whether you‘re eagerly awaiting a new sectional sofa or finally splurging on that French door fridge, here‘s my ultimate guide to Amazon‘s large item delivery options and some insider secrets to ensure a seamless experience from checkout to setup.

The Supersized Stats on Large Item Deliveries

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of how to get that 75" TV to your living room, let‘s take a step back to assess just how many of those jumbo boxes are traversing the country at any given moment. The stats on oversized e-commerce deliveries are staggering:

  • The global market for furniture and appliances e-retail is projected to surpass $500 billion by 2026, with the U.S. accounting for nearly 30% of total sales (Statista)
  • Wayfair, the leading online retailer for home goods, reported a 35.3% year-over-year increase in net revenue for direct retail in Q4 2021, reaching $3.4 billion (Wayfair Q4 2021 Earnings Release)
  • Amazon‘s annual revenue from furniture and home furnishings sales has grown steadily each year, topping $9.5 billion in 2021 (eMarketer)
  • Parcel shipments of large and bulky items are expected to increase by nearly 5% each year through 2030 (Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index)

Clearly, U.S. consumers have fully embraced the convenience of ordering everything from sofas to snowblowers online. But getting those oversized parcels from the seller to your door is no small feat.

The Challenges of "Last Mile" Large Item Delivery

Shipping bulky items purchased online is often referred to as the "last mile" problem in the logistics industry. The last mile, which is the final journey of a package from a transportation hub to its final destination, is notoriously inefficient and expensive when it comes to large and heavy parcels.

Consider all the challenges that crop up when delivering a full-size refrigerator versus a small envelope:

  • Specialized trucks or freight carriers are required to handle oversized loads
  • The package takes up more space, meaning fewer deliveries per trip
  • Two-person crews are often needed to unload and maneuver the item
  • Routes, roads, and parking options are limited for large trucks
  • Signatures, identification, and specific delivery appointments are typically required
  • More coordination is needed with the customer to ensure safe receipt of the item

Amazon and other major retailers have invested heavily in trying to solve these last mile logistics for large item delivery. But it remains a complex and costly undertaking, which is why you won‘t find Amazon Prime two-day shipping on most furniture or large appliances.

Your Delivery Cheat Sheet for Large Amazon Orders

Now that you understand why getting that new outdoor dining set to your patio isn‘t as simple as dropping a FedEx package at your front door, let‘s outline exactly how Amazon can get oversized items to you minus the heavy lifting:

Threshold Delivery

What it is: The most common shipping method for large items sold by Amazon is inside "threshold delivery." Your item will be brought over the threshold of your home or garage and placed in your room of choice. This service is typically included free with your purchase, but some items may have a delivery surcharge.

When to choose it: Opt for threshold delivery when you want the convenience of not having to be home for the delivery or transport the item inside yourself. This is a smart choice for large furniture, appliances, and heavy exercise equipment.

What to expect: After placing your order, you‘ll be prompted to schedule a delivery date and 4-hour arrival window. Clear a path to the room and make sure doorways will accommodate the item‘s dimensions. On delivery day, the team will bring your item inside, unbox it, and haul away the packaging. You‘ll need to inspect the item and sign for it.

Pro tips:

  • Measure doorways, hallways, and room dimensions carefully in advance
  • Choose a delivery window as soon as possible for the best time selection
  • Make sure an adult 18+ will be present for the entire window to sign and accept the delivery
  • Have an electrical outlet available if the delivery team needs to test the item

Example items:

  • Refrigerators
  • Washers and dryers
  • Sofas and sectionals
  • Large TVs (55"+)
  • Mattresses
  • Treadmills

In-Garage Delivery

What it is: With an Amazon Key-compatible garage, Prime members in select areas can opt to have large items delivered securely inside their garage. The delivery team can open your smart garage door via the Amazon Key app and place the item just inside, all while you watch the process remotely via camera.

When to choose it: In-garage delivery offers added peace of mind if you can‘t be present for an attended delivery but want to guarantee your valuable purchase isn‘t left outdoors. It‘s also a convenient choice if you don‘t have room for the item inside your living space.

What to expect: Once your ZIP code and garage setup are confirmed as eligible, select the "Key Delivery" option at checkout. You‘ll receive notifications throughout the delivery process and can watch it live or view a video clip afterward. The driver will not move the item far into your garage and cannot unbox or haul away packaging.

Pro tips:

  • Ensure your garage has strong Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Clear space just inside the garage door for the item to be placed
  • Have a plan for how you‘ll transport the item into your house (dolly, hand truck, etc.)
  • Consider scheduling a separate service for assembly or installation if needed

Example items:

  • Large furniture (dining sets, dressers, desks)
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Grills and smokers
  • Patio furniture
  • Playground equipment

Curbside Delivery

What it is: With curbside delivery, your large item will be delivered outside your house or building. The delivery crew will unload the item from the truck and place it on your property, such as a driveway, front lawn, or curb. Curbside delivery is usually offered for a lower fee than threshold delivery.

When to choose it: Curbside drop-off works well for items you plan to keep outdoors or don‘t mind moving inside yourself. It‘s also a good backup option if you don‘t have a safe spot like a garage for an unattended delivery and can‘t be available for a scheduled window.

What to expect: You‘ll select a delivery date and window, and will need to be present to accept the item outside. Depending on the item, the delivery team may unbox and assemble it or simply leave it packaged at the curb. Have gloves and a dolly or cart handy to transport the item where you need it.

Pro tips:

  • Arrange for a helper to be present to move the item if needed
  • Check the assembly options carefully, since setup is not always included with curbside service
  • Consider the weather forecast when choosing a delivery date to avoid rain or snow
  • Make sure your property has a level, unobstructed spot that can accommodate a large box

Example items:

  • Basketball hoops
  • Trampolines
  • Sheds and outdoor storage
  • Patio umbrellas
  • Fire pits and chimineas
  • Roof cargo carriers

How Amazon‘s Large Item Delivery Stacks Up

You might be wondering how Amazon‘s options for large item delivery compare to other major retailers that sell oversize home goods. Here‘s a quick rundown:


  • Offers free threshold delivery for most large items over $35
  • Some appliances include haul-away of old unit and basic hook-up
  • Freight deliveries go curbside only
  • Walmart+ members get free shipping and 2-hour delivery windows


  • Free doorstep delivery for most orders over $35
  • Room of choice delivery available for some items for an added fee
  • Assembly services offered through partnership with Handy
  • Contactless delivery options

Home Depot

  • Free standard delivery on most items over $45
  • In-home delivery for appliances starting at $59
  • Haul-away of old items and installation offered for some categories
  • Most deliveries fulfilled by Home Depot‘s trucks and drivers

Best Buy

  • Free delivery on major appliance orders over $399
  • Appliance installation and haul-away available
  • Standalone large products like furniture delivered curbside only
  • Option to pick up select large items in-store

As you can see, most major retailers offer similar options for oversized home deliveries, with a spectrum of curbside, threshold, and in-home delivery choices depending on the specific product and location. Additional services like installation and haul-away may be built-in or available for an extra fee.

Where Amazon shines in comparison is with their integrated in-garage delivery for Prime members, which offers convenience and security for unattended deliveries. Amazon‘s vast network of sellers and variety of products eligible for large item shipping is also a major advantage.

The Future of Oversized Online Orders

Looking ahead, I predict large item e-commerce will only continue to grow as consumers prioritize convenience and embrace online shopping for every category. To keep up with demand, Amazon and other retailers will need to invest heavily in last-mile delivery solutions specifically designed for bulky and oversized packages.

Some potential areas for innovation:

  • More brick-and-mortar Amazon pickup locations that can accommodate large items
  • Expansion of in-home delivery and installation services through Amazon Home Services
  • Partnerships with local delivery companies for consolidated large item shipping
  • Eco-friendly large item delivery options like electric trucks and recyclable packaging
  • Augmented reality tools to visualize large products in your space before ordering

Retailers who can crack the code on fast, affordable, and convenient large item delivery will have a major advantage as e-commerce growth accelerates. By understanding all your current options and planning ahead, you can ensure your next major home upgrade goes smoothly from cart to couch. Happy shopping!