Superb Tools to Help you Make a Content Calendar

Do you ever wish there were tools that can make your job so much easier? In this post, we have listed some of the tools and templates that can be useful.

When you are evolving your social media strategy, you need to have a plan. You could improvise, but that’s the most often way to fail. Smart marketers recognize that planning is a crucial part of social media strategy, and that strategy is a crucial part of the overall marketing of one brand.

In this post, we have listed some of the tools and templates that can be useful. Hopefully, your job will be easier, and you’ll be faster and more effective.

Do you Have a Content Calendar?

Content Calendar

A social media plan can be pretty similar to the one you may have for your blogging. (If you do.) You probably know that it takes constant effort, engaging with your audience, and regular publishing. On social media even daily. Without a plan, we can easily get lost. Here is why you should have a content calendar:

  • It will help you get organized. You can plan your post weeks, even months ahead, without getting lost in your content.
  • It will help you customize your posts for every platform where you are present.
  • It will help you track your performance.
  • You can plan your personal time better, for example leaving on a vacation.

Excel Content Calendar

We use Google Sheets for team activities, but Excel is still my favorite among tools for my personal work. I am certain that many marketers use it for keeping track of their reports and data. But it is also great for creating a content calendar! It can be customized according to your needs, and here is a free template you can start with:

Social media content calendar

You can use this template to effectively plan your posts and keeping track of holidays and important dates. Some apps even allow uploading your posts from the document.


Trello Homepage

Trello is a task manager and content calendar app, very well adapted for teamwork. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

You can customize boards according to your (and your teams’) needs. For example, you can create a different board for every month (or how much ahead you plan), for each platform.

The cards can be customized as well. There is also an option to track your progress, assignment to different team members, customization by labels so you can easily find what you need, and so on. With a ton of excellent options, Trello is indeed an awesome tool.

Trello Pricing

It has a free plan per user/team. It also has Business Class and Enterprise plans if you reach bigger needs, with a lot of additional options You can check the prices here.


Who hasn’t heard of Evernote? It used to come as a preinstalled app on some smartphones. I’m not sure that’s the case anymore, but either way, Evernote is one of the most well-known tools.

A lot of marketers use it to keep track of various projects, including a content calendar. It has options to input notes yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly. You can not just keep an eye on your social media content, but also blog posts, and any other team activities. Evernote has customizable templates for different requirements, and those can be downloaded into the app.

Evernote has a possibility of app integrations, so you can share your content across Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Salesforce. Another awesome feature is “Web Clipper”, which allows you to save links.


ClearVoice Homepage

ClearVoice offers content creation and management tools, also very well tailored for teams. What is different here is so-called “teamlancing”. ClearVoice will help you find producers, editors, writers, designers, strategists, SEOs, or any other team members when you need them. Their network counts over 20 thousand freelancers.

If you don’t need any outside team members, you can cooperate through the app with your existing ones great. There is a feature for task management. You can create, edit, and approve projects in a user-friendly environment. On your dashboard, there is a content calendar with a lot of features as well.

ClearVoice Pricing

What ClearVoice doesn’t offer is a list of their prices. They tailor pricing and content plans according to your needs, and you can contact them through a chatbot on their website.

Canva Homepage

If you don’t want to use any of the tools, you can create a content calendar by yourself in Word, Excel, or even Canva, with just a few skills. That way you can totally adapt it according to your needs. But with so many free tools, is it really necessary?