Instant Article Wizard Pro – Does It Really Work?

Instant Article Wizard Pro

Instant Article Wizard has recently been upgraded and the new version is now available. I will not be comparing the versions other than to say that the new version has some major enhancements which makes this article writing software very powerful allowing the writer to compile articles in minutes. Yeah, OK, it’s hard to sound unbiased when writing about something that’s so cool but I’ll keep this article on Instant Article Wizard as factual as possible.

If you’re not aware already, articles are really important, whether their displayed on your own website for content purposes making your site better for both humans and search engines. Articles are also really good for the purpose of syndicating the content to potentially thousands of article directories and ezines, with a backlink to your site which is good for link popularity, search engine ranking and traffic. So, without discussing it further, writing articles is really, really cool for your online efforts whatever their objective may be.

Instant Article Wizard Pro

Notice the keywords, sub-topics, and information it gathers. What you are about to discover will benefit you greatly. The problem has always been, writing articles takes time – a lot of time. Well researched and relevant content is crucial to your online success and Instant Article Wizard 2 dramatically reduces the time necessary on writing and researching articles reducing what could have taken 2-3 hours to 10-15 minutes. Plus, the information it gathers is highly targeted, automatically subdividing the gathered information into sub-topics as well as introductions and conclusions.

I found this really great as the articles were able to be written in more depth very easily. As well as the awesome time saving, I found Instant Article Wizard 2 really easy to use. Simply add your article keywords and Instant Article Wizard 2 goes to work so within a very short while, you’ve suddenly gathered some great research on your article’s subject saving you the need to personally trawl through tons of information in order to gather data for writing your article.

Finally, after you’ve finished creating your quality, content-rich article, you can save your gathered information as a project, and reload the info again anytime so you can write more articles on the same topic even quicker with the gathering of research already completed. As well as this, you can easily add new article keywords to gather information for, which gives your article even more diversity and depth. So in essence, Instant Article Wizard 2 is an article writing tool that helps you write quality articles while dramatically reducing the time required to gather the information and compile it in an easy and very effective manner.

You can move information up and down, or easily drag-drop information to other categories, and you can even view the source page of the information gathered for even more control. This is not some inferior article generator. Instant Article Wizard 2 allows sophisticated article creation and gives you complete control at all times to interact with the information and create an article that is genuinely unique and of high quality. Now to state the obvious. Article writing is the first part of the equation in article marketing. And it is a huge and critical part that directly determines if your marketing efforts are a flop or a success.

The premise is that you write informational articles which are content rich and are of a high enough quality to have the potential to reach as many people online as possible. After all, if the quality is not there, your results will be limited, right? Would you still be reading this article if it was poorly written. And would you be completely stunned if I told you that this article was written with the assistance of Instant Article Wizard 2?

Instant Article Wizard 2 is a very clever article writing program that produces awesome quality articles both easily and quickly. It gives you the capability of writing on any topic without any research and genuinely makes you sound like an expert in your chosen niche. Because of the great time savings, ease of use, speed of gathering quality information, and extremely reasonable price (only $67), I am compelled to give it a 10 out of 10. Check out this special offer below…

SPECIAL OFFER: Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 is genuinely a great program and in fact, version 1 used to sell for $197 so the $7 30 day trial right now is amazing and as I said above, if you’re serious about article writing, then then monthly $27 will be nothing in compared to the sales you are going to generate with this product. I mean, article writing is hard work, and it takes a heck of a lot of time.

Instant Article Wizard Pro 2 makes the task an incredibly easy and quick one which is going to fundamentally make a huge difference in the end result. The quality is incredible and the articles sound natural from the beginning with little modifications required to finish the article off. It is because of these reasons, that I have to give this program a 9/10. If you have not seen the demo videos yet, check them out now and see why I am so excited about this new program release by Jonathan Leger.

If you want to write quality articles really quickly and easily, consider downloading the latest version of Instant Article Wizard from the original source/author Jonathan Leger and be guaranteed to get the newest version, the best support, and a genuine copy of Instant Article Wizard.