Guide on How to Perform a Great Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important step in conducting your SEO strategy. Whatever content you need it for, we will tell you how to get the best of it.

Keyword research is the most important step in conducting your SEO strategy. Whether you are creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc., your content should be inseparable from your keyword research. We will tell you how to get the best of it.

Over 93% of online experiences begin with search engines. Every business wants to rank well. When you start researching your keywords, you will also start to understand how it actually works. You will automatically start creating content that is SEO friendly and responds to your readers’ needs and wishes.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process of searching and analyzing popular words that people fill in when using search engines (such as Google). The result of this research should be adding keywords to your content, so you will rank better at those engines.

It can also help you when you’re stuck with new blog post ideas. With keyword research you will not only get inspiration but also point out the needs of your audience. Keeping up with trends is important.

Make a Personal List

making a list of your own

Start by making a list of your own, maybe already keywords you are using. You are the person who knows your business the best. That means you will know the best way how your customers will find you.

You might be doing something right without even realizing it. In the last few years, Google improved its algorithms to recognize the intent of the person who is searching to the point where we may think it’s spooky. For example, it is not the same if you search for “dream wedding” or “wedding planner”. It will almost perfectly list your wedding ideas for the first and the list of persons/businesses who do wedding organization for the second.

So, for your website you will want keywords that will connect users with product pages or content you offer, as much as narrow it can be. If you are a wedding planner, you will want to be connected with the people who are searching for that. But if you run a blog on your site, too, your keywords might lead to something else – dream wedding.

That is also great, to have visitors on your website. But are these visitors really your customers? Or they might be teenage girls who are dreaming of their perfect wedding. (Hopefully, this example isn’t wrong anyhow. Just trying to make a point about the importance of the right keywords.)

Brainstorm the Ideas

Brainstorm the Ideas

Another great start in your keyword research is to try to find the words by yourself. Autocompletion in search engines can be a great helper. You can stumble upon great quality phrases and words for your content because people use search engines and the most popular suggestions can be a discovery. Take some of your most common keywords, and see what will autocompletion give you.

Let’s take again the wedding example. You might find that some search results are connected to financing a wedding, or even how to make decorations by yourself. Weddings are expensive, for sure. So, being worried about how to finance the event is normal, as the need to be involved in the process. If you don’t offer this information on your website, you should consider adding it.

Check out the Competition

Keyword competition

When you google your keywords, who is ranking in the results? And why?

It is always a smart idea to check out the competition and see what kind of content and information they offer on their website and social media. Some tools can even help you to detect the keywords. But consider it just as collecting data. You still need to make a list that is suitable for your own strategy.

While you are spending time on your competitor’s website, also check out how they organized the content. Not to copy what they do, but to learn what you can do differently and make your website unique.

Check out with your Customers

After you’re done with keyword research on your own, it’s time to ask your existing customers. Those are the people who like your business and know something about the products/services you offer. So, their opinion is extremely valuable. They might tell you something you can’t find on your own.

You can ask them by sending a survey email, posting a form on your website, through social media, or simply ask them by phone if this is the way you communicate. Ask them what search terms they used to get to your business. And write them down.

Use Google’s Tools

Keyword Planner is Google’s tool that can help you with help with keyword research and selecting the right terms. It can help you find out the right keywords based on monthly search frequency. You need a Google Ads account to access it.

Keyword Planner tools

Google Trends is another way to check out what people are searching for. The difference is that it can be accessed without a Google Ads account. It will show you what trends are growing and are worthy of using. It may be a better solution when you don’t know where to start because it already offers you popular themes.

Google Trends


Try to search for keywords that are popular, but also ones that are not highly competitive. The principle is the same as with hashtags: if you use those who are used by millions of other users, that won’t work. You will compete with big brands and that’s pointless.

If you have a website, you probably measure your bounce rate and time spent surfing through your content. When visitors spend a lot of time on your website, it basically “tells” to search engines that you have great content.

If you did your keyword research properly, it will guide visitors to your content. During that process of research you will find out a lot about your audience’s intentions, and that knowledge can help you not just to improve your traffic, but also to create better content in the future.

Let us know if this was helpful.