Great Tips for Running a Successful Business Blog

There are different reasons why are people writing blogs. For some, it is a hobby and they do it out of fun, or love.

Some of them want to share their knowledge. Or even become popular. But for many, it is a business.

Depending on the reason for writing one, there will be a large difference in how those blogs will look. In this post, we will concentrate on business blogs, and how to maximize the potential and benefit from it; how to increase visibility, audience, and move up in search engines.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

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The creation of high-quality content is a tip we are constantly repeating, because of its importance. But it is not always easy to write an awesome post, especially if you’re not experienced in this type of business. Consider hiring an editor to proofread your texts, or even a writer.

Scripted overview

Posting regularly is crucial if you want to see any benefit, and if you are too busy to commit, hiring someone is an only way. Getting help from the services like Big Assignments and Scripted, which are dedicated to creating content adjusted to your needs, could be a fast and easy solution. If you prefer a one-on-one relationship with your editor or writer, you can find some great freelancers on UpworkFreelancer, and similar pages. You will be able to interview candidates and choose someone who fits your needs.

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If you want to write all of your content by yourself, or maybe you have a limited budget, there are also some great tools you can use. One of the most popular grammar tools today is Grammarly, which offers some great stuff like fixing grammatical errors, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and misused words for free. .You can integrate it into your browser or writing programs (such as Word e.g.).

If you don’t want to face any charges of plagiarism, you can use Cite It In, which will help you to include references in your posts. Copyscape is a great place where you can search for plagiarized content.

With Easy Word Count you can easily keep track of how many words your post has. This could seem irrelevant to you, but it is proven that posts between one and two thousand words are ideal. Anything above 300 words is SEO friendly.

Post on a Regular Basis

Post on a Regular Basis

Posting regularly will make your blog successful. If it will help you, try to make a schedule, and post at least once per week for small businesses, while four times per week is optimal. For big companies, daily posting is a must. Blend this in your work day, as a normal business assignment.

The important fact you should consider is also how much people are working on your blog. If your blog is running by a single person (assuming it’s you), you will physically not be able to post a few times per day, for example. Then concentrate on your quality over quantity.

Write Notes

Write Notes

We often get the best ideas when we are not near our computer, right? So, carrying a notebook and a pen with you may be a good idea. When you have an idea, write it down, and you’ll never find yourself staring at a blank screen and don’t know what to write about.

This way you will also be able to find inspiration in things that surround you, depending on which type of business you own. Let’s say your blog is about dogs. You drink coffee in your favorite coffee shop every morning, and you might see some people with their dogs. Ask them what they would like to read about. Turn your questions in a headline, and their answers into a post.

Get to Know your Audience


You probably have a specific audience, depending on which kind of blog you are running. This should be your advantage. If you get to know your audience, it will give you an idea of what they like and what you should write about. Analytics can show you at which days and what time you should post to achieve the maximum efficiency. If you give them the content they prefer, this will increase your readability, shares, and likes.

Write in a Good Mood

Write in a Good Mood

When you feel good, this will copy into your posts, and your audience will be able to feel your enthusiasm and positivity. This is important because you should be passionate about what you do. We know that you are probably often exhausted, and everybody has their bad days, but just skip writing those days.

If you have deadlines and you can not afford to skip your next post, try to get yourself in a mood for writing. Create your ideal environment, listen to the music you like, set some goals, or think about the mission you want to accomplish with your blog.

Include Quotes


Including expert quotes in your blog post will appear authoritative and you’ll be able to show your knowledge to your audience. Especially when you are first starting. They will get the feeling you did your research and they will feel more confident to come to ask for advice.

External links will do their work, too, especially if it’s some helpful resources. Plus, they will boost your SEO.

Have a Guest Write a Post for your Blog

This is a remarkably good idea if you are the only person that’s writing for your blog. It changes the velocity and gives your audience something new. And hopefully, it brings your guest’s audience also. But maybe the most important benefit from this move is showing that other people support you and are willing to cooperate with you.

Never forget about your keywords, headings and subheadings, and the length of your posts. You want your blog to be visible through search engines, and easy to find.

Good, high-quality content is your best card, and it can not be replaced with anything else. But all the other tips will contribute to achieving your goals and driving more traffic to your business blog. Let us know how you liked this post.