15 Best Instagram Story Viewers of 2022 (View Anonymously & Free Download)

Best Instagram Story Viewers

Are you looking for the best Instagram Story Viewer to access stories and other content on Instagram without getting detected? This post will take you through some of the best Instagram Story Viewers out there.

Instagram is a social media platform that thrives because it allows users to share photos and videos that are assessable for as long as 24 hours. This ease of usage remains one of its strongest tools. Once you upload your story as a user, you are aware of those who have seen it at any given time.

The reasons why people would love to view your content without being found out are quite diverse. One of these reasons is actually between competitors in a given field. You would love to know what a rival Instagram user is doing without their knowledge.

For this reason and many more, so many tools have evolved over the years to help people view content on Instagram without the content owner’s knowledge. It has quickly turned into a marketing strategy. These tools are known as Instagram Story Viewers. They help you travel through Instagram as though you are a ghost-like user.

Instagram Story Viewers are equipped with interesting features which can be set up to suit their needs and preferences. Thus, this article presents you with some of the best Instagram Story Viewer tools available.

Top Best Instagram Story Viewers

1. Goob Stories

Goob Stories

Qoob Stories is unarguably one of the best Instagram Story viewer tools out there. You can use it to mass download virtually every content available on the Instagram platform. These downloadable contents include stories, videos, and photos. One of its biggest strengths is assessing both private and public Instagram accounts without being detected.

All you need to do is enter an Instagram username whose profile or contents are of interest to you, and Qoob Stories does the rest. You can watch whatever content you wish to anonymously. The viewer tool also allows you to download high-quality content from any Instagram account.

With Qoob Stories, automation is also possible. Automation will help you save time. You have to add a target account username to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader. From there, automatic downloading of contents from that particular user commences.

Qoob Stories offers a Free Starter plan, $7/month for a Personal plan, and $25/month for a Professional plan. The story viewer is quite an incredible tool to possess.

2. mSpy 


If you want a credible tool to help keep a close eye on a phone user’s activities or contents on social media, then look no further than mSpy. Parents use it more as a tool to ensure that their wards are not doing any shady business or misusing social media platforms. The tool is equipped with an Instagram tracker that lets parents know what their children are doing with their accounts.

The content or activities their children post or share can be viewed anonymously. It can also keep an eye on messages too. The tool can operate so that no app icon is visible on the phone but still operates.

The parents have access to their children’s incoming & outgoing calls, call duration, current GPS location, who they converse with on social media platforms, recover deleted messages, and many more. mSpy offers three pricing options, 1 Month ($48.99 per month), 3 Months ($27.99 per month), and 12 Months ($11.66 per month).

3. StoriStalker


StoriStalker is a unique social media tool that ranks well among the best out there. One of its features that sets it apart from the rest is its ability to allow you access to any public Instagram account even if you don’t have an account. The tool allows you to travel through the Instagram platform without being detected. You can view other users’ stories, comments, and subscriptions.

StoriStalker can even give you access to content that has already been deleted. You can also download whatever stories, videos, or pictures you wish to. And all these are done with you feeling like an undercover security agent. StoriStalker is free to use, and you need not spend any dollar to get you surfing Instagram undetected. This ease makes it a good choice for anyone who has a stringent budget.

4. Dumpor 


Dumpor, which was formerly known as SmiHub, is another great social media tool. Its perfect-looking interface is enough to get you hooked on it. The app’s interface is easy to comprehend and easy to navigate. There is a text box readily awaiting you to input a username so that the process may begin.

Dumpor then uses the information to generate instant access to that target account. Thus, the path to anonymously viewing stories, videos, and photos has been set. You can surf to whatever dimensions you want on Instagram and download contents with relative ease. You also have access to an account’s comments, likes, and followers. Dumpor is also a free social media tool, which makes it a good option for users

5. Inflact


Inflact is in a league of its own if you wish to compare its capabilities with other social media viewer tools. This tool acts as a social media marketing tool that allows brands to gain footholds on social media platforms like Instagram. The tool analyzes the platform’s strengths and trends and uses it to the employer’s advantage, helping their products and services to find the right audience.

Inflact is an all-encompassing Instagram marketing tool. Thus, it is not just an Instagram story viewer. You can use the software’s wide-ranging features to increase your reach on a social media platform like Instagram. Inflact helps you to keep a close eye on your competitors and influencers. It looks at what they are doing right, analyzes them, and uses the data to strategically help you grow.

Its services as an Instagram story viewer include helping you gain access to videos, stories, and photos of different users without being detected. You can also download whatever content you wish with relative ease. Inflact has three paid plans, including $37 per account for two weeks, $57 per account for one month, and $144 per account for three months.

Inflact’s plans are quite high, and the unavailability of any free plan or trial period makes it quite unattractive given that there are many free and credible Instagram story viewers out there. But aside from that, the software’s versatility makes it an invaluable asset to have.

6. InstaDP


If you’re searching for one of the best Instagram tools that afford you a less strenuous way to view and download stories, photos, and videos of friends and popular personalities, InstaDP is the tool for you. All you need to do is insert a target username of any public account, and the tool generates data on the user.

From then on, you can go through the user’s profile and download photos and videos of great quality as you wish without being detected. InstaDP works only on the web, so it is not downloadable software that might take up space. It has a user-friendly UI. And one of its advantages is that it is free to use.

7. Stories IG

Stories IG

Stories IG is another good Instagram story viewer that is easy to use. It provides you with a text box where you can insert any target Instagram username. The software affords you the chance to view the contents of that specific account without being detected. Stories IG only gives access to public accounts and not private accounts.

8. StoriesDown


What exactly should you look at when choosing an Instagram story viewer? Quality, anonymity, ease of use, and overall efficiency are qualities a good Instagram story viewer should possess. These and more are what you get when using StoriesDown. The software gives you access to any Instagram account without you having an account of your own. You can view profiles, videos, photos and download any content without being detected.

The software design is very attractive, and its features are easy to use. It works like most other Instagram story viewers. It requires you to input a target Instagram username, and it processes the data and comes up with information on the user. From there, you can go on to access whatever content you want without detection. StoriesDown is a free Instagram story viewer, which makes it more enticing to use.

9. IGStories


IGStories is an offshoot of Upleaf, a great social media marketing software. IGStories acts as a more specific tool, whereas Upleaf is proficient as a strategic marketing service provider. This been said, IGStories is more of an Instagram story viewer. Like most Instagram story viewers, IGStories only needs the username of a target Instagram account to work with.

After running the data, you can now view the target account’s contents without being detected. IGStories also allows you to download videos and photos in high quality and share them on other platforms. IGStories is a free Instagram story viewer, which makes it worth giving a try.

10. Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram

Anonymous Instagram is as straightforward as its name suggests. The software is a simple Instagram story viewer. All that it requires is for you to input an Instagram username. After that, you can access the account, viewing photos, stories, and videos anonymously. It simply coves the basics, nothing more. Anonymous Instagram is not capable of downloading and sharing any content. This incapability may be a turnoff. However, the Instagram story viewer is free.

11. InstaStories

InstaStories is another Instagram story viewer tool with user-friendly features. Like many of its kinds, InstaStories only requires a target Instagram account username to work with. You don’t need to have an account to access any user’s account you so wish to. With InstaStories, you can view stories, videos, and photos without being detected. You can also download high-quality content. The software is free to use.

12. BlindStory


If you are looking for an Instagram story viewer that can do so many things, BlindStory should be the obvious choice. Only a handful of Instagram story viewers are as versatile as BlindStory. The software can alert you when there is fresh content from a targeted Instagram account.

The software shares a similar interface with Instagram and can make it quite difficult to be figured out. With BlindStory, you can view and download stories, videos and pictures on Instagram while remaining anonymous. And the software is free to use, which makes it even worth giving a try.

13. Storized


Another credible Instagram story viewer software that is easy to use is Storized. This application allows you to view other users’ content without being noticed. Like most of the others, the software presents you with a search box to input the username of a target Instagram account.

After Storied has run the data, it affords you the chance to view the target account’s contents undetected. But you can only do this to public Instagram accounts and not private accounts. With Storied, you can view photos in high quality. You don’t need to be active on the Instagram platform before you can use Storied. The app is also free to use.

14. 4k Stogram

4k Stogram

4k Storogram is a free Instagram story viewer that helps you view photos, stories, and videos without being detected. One good thing about 4k Storogram is that it can give access to both private and public accounts. With 4k Storogram, you can download whatever content you wish to anonymously. The software can only work on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The software also provides you with a feature that allows you to back up your Instagram account.

You can access content from multiple Instagram accounts at the same time and remain anonymous. Aside from the Free Starter, 4k Storogram has two paid plans: the Personal plan at $9.95 per month and the professional plan at  $30 per month.

15. Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer

Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer

Combin is desktop software that acts as a social media marketing tool. The application is proficient in audience management, analysis, and growth. Combin is a mass story viewing tool that gives you unlimited access to an Instagram user’s stories, videos, photos, and so much more.

The software does this viewing at a minimalistic, human pace to avoid being red-flagged by Instagram. This viewing strategy can help you increase your audience and followers on the social platform.

And one good thing about Combin is that you can automate all your activities and let it take charge of your account. Automation gives you time to focus on other things. Combin offers a permanent free version and two paid plans: a personal plan at $15 per month and a business plan at $30 per month.


1. Can you view stories on Instagram without an Instagram Story Viewer?

It is possible to do so. By staying in ‘Airplane Mode’ on your Android device, you can access stories on Instagram without being detected. But the downside to this method is that other Instagram features won’t be available to you, such as saving a story you may wish to.

2. What Are Instagram Story Viewers?

Instagram story viewers are software that provides you with enhanced access to Instagram stories and other content. They are a way to engage with other users’ content without getting detected and are also used as a marketing and growth strategic tool.

3. Are Instagram Story Viewing Services worth it?

They are worth it as it gives you access to other users’ content. And as a marketing tool, they give you an edge against competitors and help you grow. And if you consider the cost of having an influencer take charge of your marketing, you would realize that these third-party applications are more efficient and cost-effective

4. Is there a way an Instagram user can figure out how many times a particular viewer hasviewed their story or any other content?

The short answer is no. The platform has no provision to make such data available to users. The only data available is that a single view is recorded when a viewer accesses your content.

5. What is the usual length of an Instagram story?

An Instagram story is usually fifteen seconds long. If you have a longer story, the app breaks it into smaller fifteen-second shorts to accommodate the entire content.


Instagram, which came into being just over a decade ago, has evolved into a product marketing platform where brands try to reach their rightful audience and interact with other competitors and influencers. But with increasing competition came the need to strategize and look for new ways to achieve set goals. This competitiveness is one of the reasons why Instagram story viewers became essential. These applications help you to access information on Instagram anonymously.

The reasons why people would love to view your content without being found out are quite diverse. One of these reasons is actually between competitors in a given field. You would love to know what a rival brand present on Instagram is doing without their knowledge.

For this reason and many more, so many Instagram story viewing tools have evolved over the years to help people view content on Instagram without the content owner’s knowledge. It has quickly turned into a marketing strategy. The ones we have given in this article have been tested and trusted. Thus, we are certain that you will find the one that best meets your needs.