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MarketingScoop own by Image Media Partners, LLC, which is an internet marketing blog & forum where we discuss & offer tutorials & articles on SEO, Marketing, List Building, Social Media & more!




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markerting scoop - internet marketing hub

MarketingScoop is an online, collaborative destination created by marketing experts for those interested in improving their marketing results.

Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists and marketing experts provide marketing professionals and others interested in marketing related disciplines with the tools, resources, and information they need to improve marketing results – and develop the knowledge they need to succeed.


To provide those interested in marketing with the tools, resources, and information they need to improve marketing results, promote knowledge sharing, and experience personal growth.

Core Beliefs

At MarketingScoop.com, we are driven by our purpose and our core beliefs:

  • We exist to support those interested in marketing and marketing professionals at all levels.
  • People are our greatest strength.
  • Our customers come first.
  • We always have the long-term in mind.
  • We focus on innovation to support the growing needs of our customers.
  • Honesty and integrity in all we do.

Anniversary Edition

we are focused on building a great business. To do so, we believe that our primary aim is to build a great company by:

  • Focusing on the principle of clock building not time telling
  • Knowing our purpose – what we stand for
  • Preserving the core and stimulating progress
  • Embracing the power of “AND”
  • Challenging ourselves with big, audacious goals
  • A unique and inspiring culture that is truly our own
  • Constant trial and error, keeping what works
  • Home grown management
  • Knowing that good is never good enough

Our Team

Marketing Scoop was developed by marketing experts to provide a resource to anyone interested in marketing and marketing professionals, that could deliver tangible results. Marketing Scoop.com has grown to become one of the largest marketing resources on the Net!

Steven Austin

SEO guru

Steven Austin, Founder of MarketingScoop, graduated from Rutgers College and Northwestern's Medill School for Web Design & Interactive Media, Has 15 years of internet marketing experience, Good at Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization..

Michael Smith

Head of Social Marketing

Michael Smith is a social butterfly, an entrepreneur, author, marketer, and social marketing expert with Web Crawling skills. He has appeared on Bloomberg Radio and other major media, such as Toptensocialmedia.com.

Tom Wells

E-commerce Marketing Lead
amazon guy

Tom Wells is an entrepreneurship consultant with over a decade of experience in digital marketing, specializing in SMM and SEM. He is adept in leveraging Amazon's platform for business growth and contributes to the Small Business Blog at MarketingScoop.com, focusing on empowering small to medium-sized businesses.

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