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Search Engine Marketing

Find out how to navigate the world of Search Engine Marketing including Google, Google Ad Words, paid placements, and online sponsorships with articles, tools, and resources selected by our search engine marketing experts.

Featured Articles

Using Differentiators in Search Engine Key phrases
An article that explores the methods a search engine optimization company uses to choose key phrases to target in an SEO campaign. Learn more about critical factors to choosing the best key phrases for your business — those which will get you the best results in terms of not just rankings, but also traffic and leads. Click for full article…

Pay-per-click campaigns should change through the seasons
Seasonal events, whether Valentine’s Day, Easter, the Super Bowl or anything in between, can present considerable opportunities for pay-per-click advertisers. Click for full article…

Beware of the CPC Trap
IMost web marketers bid on CPC search engines out of desperation. They lack the knowledge they need to determine their bidding strategy, and do not have a clear understanding of what their primary goals should be. Click for full article…


Most Popular Search Engine Marketing Tools

Google Ads Free Google Ads Free
Learn the secrets of an Internet marketing who received Google ads for free totaling $87 million… making over $314 Million as a result of this free pay per click advertising technique! Click here..
Google Adwords
Google AdWords ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they’re looking for your products or services.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your site in search results across the Web. So you connect with customers who are searching for what you sell.

Free Search Engine Marketing Tools

Paid Search Survival Guide
Paid search marketing consists of placing ads on search engines and content sites across the internet. These ads, referred to as pay per click (PPC) ads, are typically short lines of text and are linked to an appropriate landing page. Click here..

Success With International Paid Search
If your company currently uses paid search to support domestic marketing efforts while selling products or services abroad, then an international pay-per-click program could help you to further support global marketing activities. As many companies experience significant growth outside the U.S., an international SEM campaign can be an effective and efficient means of reaching target markets around the globe. Click here

Increase Sales with Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Using pay-per-click advertising during this holiday season can have a positive impact on your sales. For a basic understanding of how to use pay-per-click marketing to promote your products and generate a favorable ROI, review this white paper from Network Solutions. Click here

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