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Abandonment Rate The number of unique visitors that leave shopping carts prior to completing an online transaction.
Above-The-Fold A term borrowed from print newspapers that references the top portion of a Web page that is visible without scrolling. Important information should be presented above the fold to eliminate the need for scrolling by individuals browsing a web site.
Above-The-Line-Cost Any cost involved in the advertising production process, specifically listed in a budget
Account Executive A person in an advertising agency who serves as the principal contact with a client(s), coordinating the work of agency staff members assigned to that account.
Ad The name used to indicate an advertising message in the print media.
Ad Blocking Software available to Internet users that blocks the appearance of advertising on Web pages. These programs are designed to suppress pop-up and pop-under advertisements.
Ad Words A system to advertise on Google & partner sites on a CPC (cost per click) basis
Adaptive Selling An approach to personal promotion in which selling behaviors are altered during the sales interaction process or across customer interactions based on environmental information and prospect feedback.
Add-On In charge accounts, the purchasing of additional merchandise without paying in full for previous purchases.
Additional Markup The practice of adding a price increase on top of the original markup.
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